Former NASA engineer thwarts porch pirates again with ‘Glitter Bomb 2.0’

Former NASA engineer thwarts porch pirates again with 'Glitter Bomb 2.0'

YouTuber and previous NASA engineer Mark Rober is busy again with the Glitter Bomb 2.0 intended to give patio privateers some stinky karmic equity. In the wake of encountering a bundle robbery a year ago, Rober chose to get payback by making the first sparkle bomb. It resembled a genuine conveyance and was intended to go off when opened by cheats, covering them with sparkle and emanating a fart smell, while recording the entire thing. He made another this year with a significantly nastier stench, and got a help from the man who propelled the thought: Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin.

The primary trick was very famous, however Rober needed to re-post the video in the wake of finding that few of the “people in question” were really companions of a volunteer who consented to put the bundles on his yard. “That is absolutely on me and I will find a way to ensure it won’t occur once more,” he said at the time.

Rober said he went through a half year retooling the bomb, which consolidates GPS trackers,phones with wide-edge cameras, fart shower and sparkle. This time, the plan was progressively streamlined, had considerably more dominant fart splash (“that resembles legitimate crap,” said one guinea pig), and highlighted audio cues like a commencement and police radio prattle. The entire thing was supported by Bose and the item box included phony Bose “Buzz” earphones named after a Home Alone character.

Rober circulated the bundles to 10 volunteers around the US, who set them on their patios as lure. One would-be burglary kenned to the plan after sparkle spilled out, as he was evidently mindful of the first video (which presently has 77 million perspectives). Another volunteer just took the bundle himself, so Rober sent him a Scientology membership and cringey postcards to his neighbors.

The trick filled in as anticipated a few unfortunate casualties, however, especially one poor sap who attempted to give the “earphones” to his sweetheart as a blessing. Rober noticed that few great Samaritans attempted to restore the bundles to their legitimate proprietors, thus he remunerated them with $400 in real money. “Since that was the open door cost for them when they settled on the correct decision,” Rober said in the video.