Uber expands its Pro reward scheme to Uber Eats drivers

Uber expands its Pro reward scheme to Uber Eats drivers
LISBON, PORTUGAL - OCTOBER 27: A Uber Eats driver drives in Rua de São Lázaro on October 27, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. The free, standalone Uber Eats app allows customers to order meals and Uber Eats drivers to deliver food from affiliated local eateries. Food prices are set by the participating restaurants and Uber Eats adds a booking fee based primarily on the distance between the eatery and the customer. (Photo by Horacio Villalobos#Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

For as far back as year, Uber has been battling back against the recognition that it treats it representatives ineffectively with its Uber Pro program. Under the plan, top drivers in the US, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France and New Zealand are qualified for remunerations like free educational cost and limited vehicle upkeep costs. Presently, the prizes are being extended to Uber Eats conveyance accomplices too.

The free educational cost is for online classes at Arizona State University so drivers can progress in the direction of a college degree. There are in excess of 80 college degree programs accessible from the college just as eight degrees of English language courses and a declaration in business enterprise. Drivers can take the courses themselves, or offer the courses to a relative.

What’s more, Uber is joining forces with Subway to offer free six-inch subs, beverages and treats to Pro drivers. The Daily Snack plan offers free nourishment from 10,000 taking an interest Subway areas which will be shown on the driver application.

To fit the bill for Uber Pro, drivers must keep up very high client appraisals, and they should gather indicates in a layered framework guarantee the prizes.